• 2022-12-30
  • Shang-Yu Chen


Friday, January 13, 2023
Time Event     Place
13:30-14:00 Registration  
14:00-15:40 Session A
A1  Applied and Metrics
Chair: Ming-Jen Lin (National Taiwan University)
1. Gender Bias in Competitive Music Composition Evaluation: An Experimental Study
    *Yating Chuang (Academia Sinica)
2. Care Needs and Caregiving: How Old-Age Health Shocks Affect the Growth and Well-Being of Families
    *Kuan-Ming Chen (National Taiwan University)
Room 736
A2 Micro 
Chair: Hing Chi Jimmy Chan (National Taiwan University)
1. Sorting through Matching with Evidence
    *Gunhaeng Lee (Academia Sinica)
2. Double Clock Auctions with Taxes (with Pavel Andreyanov and Tomasz Sadzik)
    *Junrok Park (National Taiwan University)
 Room 713
A3 Macro  
Chair: Wentai Hsu (Academia Sinica)
1. Globalization, Gender Wage Gap, and Female Labor Force Participation
    *Ting Yuen Terry Cheung (Academia Sinica)
2. On the Theory of Timing of Transfers
    *Yu-Chi Chu (National Taiwan University)
Room 737
15:40-16:00 Tea Break
16:00-17:40 Session B
B1  Applied and Metrics
Chair:  Chuan Liu (Academia Sinica)
1. Utility-Maximizing Binary Prediction via Nearest Neighbor Method
    *Jiun-Hua Su (Academia Sinica)
2. Empirical Bayes with Optimal Shrinkage Trees
    *Yu-Chang Chen (National Taiwan University)
Room 736
B2 Macro
Chair: Hung-Ju Chen (National Taiwan University)
1Market Concentration, Between-Firm Wage Inequality, and Technology Upgrading
   *Wan-Jung Cheng (Academia Sinica)
2Incomplete Information and Employer Size
    *Eunbi Ko (National Taiwan University)
Room 737