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2021 Fall
演講者 主題 日期 地點 時間
Chih-Sheng Hsieh (Department of Economics, NTU) Organizational Meeting 2021/9/23 Online 1:30-3:00
Benjamin Olken (MIT) Applied Economics Workshop - Economic Development and Political Economy
Keynote: "Food vs. Food Stamps: Evidence from an At-Scale Experiment in Indonesia"
2021/9/30 (AEW Link) 8:30-11:00
Yu-Chin Hsu (許育進研究員,IEAS) Introduction to Testing Monotonicity 2021/10/14 社科609 1:30-3:00
Cyrus Chu (朱敬一院士,IEAS) Artificial Intelligence and the Narrower Corridor 2021/10/21 梁國樹國際會議廳 1:30-3:00
Rema Hanna (Harvard Kennedy School) Applied Economics Workshop - Improving the Provision of Public Services
(Keynote: TBA)
2021/10/28 (AEW Link) 8:30-11:00
Jiun-Hua Su (蘇俊華助研究員,IEAS) TBA 2021/10/29 CRETA 2:00-3:30
Chu-An Liu (劉祝安副研究員,IEAS) TBA 2021/11/4 社科609 1:30-3:00
Li-Pang Chen (陳立榜助理教授,NCCU Statistics) TBA 2021/11/18 社科609 1:30-3:00
Hui-Ching Chuang (莊惠菁助理教授,Yuan Ze University) TBA 2021/11/19 CRETA 2:00-3:30
Brian Jacob (University of Michigan) Applied Economics Workshop - Economic of K12 
Keynote: "The Demand for and Effects of Career and Technical Education"
2021/11/25 (AEW Link) 8:30-11:00
Kevin Milligan (UBC) Applied Economics Workshop - Public Economics and the Labor Market
(Keynote: TBA)
2021/12/9 (AEW Link) 8:30-11:00

2021 Spring
Speaker Topic Date Location Time
Yves Zenou (Monash University) Applied Economics Workshop - Social Interactions 2021/2/25 (AEW Link)
Amy Finkelstein (MIT) Applied Economics Workshop - Health Care and Health Economics 2021/3/9
(AEW Link)
賴宗志(中正經濟系) Testing Covariate Dependence of Transition Probabilities 2021/3/25 社科605 1:30-3:00
盧信銘(台大資管) Preparing 10-K Report for Empirical Studies Using Sequence Labeling Models: A Proposed Framework 2021/3/26(五) CRETA 2:00-3:30
黃名鉞(Institute of Statistics, AS) Robust inference of conditional average treatment effects using dimension reduction 2021/4/8 社科605 1:30-3:00
Gordon Dahl (UCSD) Applied Economics Workshop - Economics of the Family
Keynote Seminar: "High School Majors, Comparative (Dis)Advantage, and Future Earnings"
2021/4/15 (AEW Link)
顏佑銘(政大國貿) Estimation of the Conditional Tail Average Treatment Effect 2021/4/22 社科605 1:30-3:00
廖仁哲(輔大經濟系) A Nonparametric Consistent Test of Exogeneity in Quantile Regression Models 2021/4/29 社科605 1:30-3:00
楊睿中(清大經濟系) From Random Forests to Generalized Random Forests 2021/4/30(五) CRETA 2:00-3:30
Mark Duggan (SIEPR) Applied Economics Workshop - Health Economics 2021/5/13 (AEW Link)
蘇俊華(IEAS) Optimization Methods in Econometrics 2021/5/28(五) CRETA 2:00-3:30

2020 Fall
Speaker Topic Date Location Time
謝志昇 (Dept. of Economics, NTU) 課程介紹 2020/9/17 社科609 1:30-2:00
Dávid Krisztián Nagy (CREI) Applied Economics Workshop - International Trade and Economic Geography
Keynote: All aboard: The aggregate effects of port development
Yatiang Lin (HKUST) The Welfare Effects of Passenger Transportation Infrastructure: Evidence from China's High-Speed Rail Network 2020/9/24
Edwin Lai and Han Qi (HKUST) Fragmentation and Gains from Trade 2020/9/24 (AEW Link)
黃景沂 (Dept. of Economics, NTU) Bias in the Choice of Product Differentiation: Evidence from the Taiwanese Media Industry  2020/10/15 社科609 1:30-3:00
David Deming (Harvard University) Applied Economics Workshop - Skill Development and Human Potential (Keynote: TBA) 2020/10/27 (AEW Link)
陳宜廷(台大財金系) A Unified Approach to Consistent Model Averaging by Probabilistic Significance Tests 2020/11/5 社科609 2:00-3:30
陳樂昱 (中研院經濟所) Sparse Quantile Regression 2020/11/12 社科609 1:30-3:00
Joel Waldfogel (University of Minnesota) Applied Economics Workshop - Digitization: Effects of AI and Machine Learning on the Economy 
Keynote: Digitization and Pre-Purchase Information: The Causal and Welfare Impacts of Reviews and Crowd Ratings
(AEW Link)
冼芻蕘 (清華大學經濟系) Specification testing in models with high-dimensional instruments: cases with weakly dependent data 2020/11/26 社科609 1:30-3:00
Martha Bailey (UCLA)  Applied Economics Workshop - Early Child Care and Education 
Keynote: Prep School for Poor Kids': The Long-Run Impact of Head Start on Human Capital and Productivity
2020/12/8 (AEW Link)
蘇俊華 (中研院經濟所) Forecasting with Professional Experts by Double Weighted Averaging  2020/12/10 社科609 1:30-3:00
殷壽鏞(台北大學經濟系) Data-driven Estimation Window for Forecasting with Factor Structure 2020/12/17 社科609 1:30-3:00
賴宏彬教授(中正大學) Panel Stochastic Frontier Model with Endogenous Inputs and Correlated Random Components 2020/12/24 社科609 1:30-3:00
顏佐榕(中研院統計所) An Attention Algorithm for Solving Large Scale Structured L0-norm Penalty Estimation Problems 2021/1/7 社科609 1:30-3:00