University Act
Enforcement_Rules_of_the_University_Act.pdf pdf
University_Act.pdf pdf
Organization Act of Editorial Board of TER pdf
NTU Economics Working Paper Series pdf
The Implemetation Rules for the NTU Presidential Award pdf
Hsieh, Nan-Chiang Scholarship for Newly Recruited Professors and PhD Students pdf
Practice for Emergency Aid pdf
Professor Paul K.C. Liu Memorial Scholarship pdf
Regulations of the Scholarship for Hope Admission Program pdf
Xi-Hung Scholarship for students from the Department of Economics, NTU to study in PhD program in the top 5 universities in the US pdf
Course Regulation for Undergraduate Students pdf
Course Regulation for Graduate Students pdf
Course Regulation for EMEA Students pdf
Student Affairs
The_Regulations_for_Presidential_Award.pdf pdf
Implementation_Regulations_for_Doctoral_Candidate_Qualification_Assessment.pdf pdf
The_Regulations_for_Transfer_Students.pdf pdf
The_Regulations_for_Minors.pdf pdf
The_Regulations_for_Double_Majors.pdf pdf
Regulations for the Implementation of the Bachelor's Honors Program pdf
Regulations for Faculty Appointment Evaluation pdf
Implementation Rules for the Regulations of Improvement of Academic Research in the Field of Humanities and Social Sciences pdf
Regulations of Department Chair Election pdf
Directions of Faculty Promotion Evaluation Procedures pdf
Directions of Recommending C. T. Lien Memorial Award pdf
Directions of Faculty Sabbatical Leave pdf
Practice of Student Admission Committee pdf
The Organizational Rules of the Graduate Affairs Committee pdf
Practice of Departmental Affairs Council pdf
Practice of Faculty Review Committee pdf
Practice of Faculty Recruit Committee pdf
Practice of Course Committee pdf
Practice of Graduate Students Affairs & EMEA Affairs Chairperson pdf
Practice of EMEA Students Affairs Committee pdf
國際事務委員會組織辦法.pdf pdf