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Admission through Recommendation

Applicants should either be recommended by the high school they enroll in or be able to demonstrate satisfactory records of academic and extracurricular performance themselves. They are required to provide a diploma of high school (when registering in September), a transcript, a statement of purpose, a brief biography, a personal information sheet and supporting honorary records or documents (for example, documents that testify their qualification as Gifted or Talented Students in their high school) if available.

Admission through Examination
Applicants should provide an official transcript of Subject Tests conducted by the College Entrance Examination Center.Applicants are to be evaluated through their grades in Mathematics, English, and Mandarin Chinese with different weighting( Mathematics times 2, English times 1.5, Mandarin Chinese times 1.5).

International Students
More details and the latest news can be found on the web page: NTU OIA

Contact Information

If you have any questions about admission to our undergraduate program,

please email our department: econman@ntu.edu.tw